Mike Nock – a concert with his Trio, Trio Plus, Noctet and more

Can’t get out? We’re bringing the gigs to you!

Table 19’s online gigs are our response to the way COVID-19 has affected live music. Venues shut, bands unable to play… and isn’t this when we need great music, more than ever?

These curated concerts by Australian jazz and improvising musicians will keep the music in your ears. 

And don’t forget to support the artists by purchasing their music if you can. We recommend Bandcamp. We find it an excellent user experience and we understand from the musicians that it’s also got one of the best revenue models for them – giving them a higher percentage of the sale price than others. The lack of gig income has a huge impact on musicians. We can help alleviate that with even a small purchase. Thank you!

About Mike

Mike Nock’s career has spanned a broad range of contemporary musical styles and he is widely recognised as an important voice in Australian modern music.

Based in Sydney since 1986, the award winning musician previously spent 25 years in the USA, working with many of the world’s top jazz artists.

His compositions include orchestral music, woodwind / percussion ensembles, electronic / choral works etc., and have been recorded and performed by a range of jazz & non-jazz performers.

In 2009 he was inducted into the Bell Awards Australian Jazz Hall of Fame and in 2003 presented with the New Zealand Order of Merit (ONZM).

Set list

  1. ‘Here and Know’, Mike Nock Trio Plus from Here and Know 
  2. ‘The Beautiful Stranger’, Mike Nock Trio, An Accumulation of Subtleties CD2
  3. ‘Beginning and end of Knowing’, with Laurence Pike on The Beginning and End of Knowing.
  4. ‘Holding Patterns’, Mike Nock Octet on Suite SIMA
  5. ‘M & Ms’, not yet released
  6. ‘Apotheosis’, Mike Nock Trio, An Accumulation of Subtleties CD2
  7. El Testamen de Amelia, Mike Nock,  Vicissitudes

Listen here


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