Table 19

Table 19 was up near the bar, at the Side On Cafe in Parramatta Road Annandale. I could be found there a few nights a week for most of 2000 and it was a great place to write, listen and be inspired.

Hi, my names is Miriam. I’m the host of the Table 19 Podcast – a weekly podcast that showcases and celebrates Australian jazz and improvised music and the people who make it.

Our licence to play music

We have an online mini licence from APRA AMCOS. The licence allows us to use music in our podcast, as long as music makes up no more than 80% of the show. The licence costs us an annual fee, which jumps when we reach 55,000 downloads for the podcast. The increased licence fee is a bill we’d be delighted to pay. Let’s get 55,000 people listening to Australian jazz and improvised music. Woot!

Get in touch

I love hearing from listeners and from musicians who have new music they’d like me to play.  Email Miriam:

Musicians – please get in touch!

New release coming out soon?  Planning a tour? Exciting collaboration just about the corner? Why not contact us – we might be able to help promote your new music with some airtime and maybe even an interview!  Email the team:

Presenter | Miriam

Miriam’s been hanging out on the periphery of the Australian jazz scene since 1999. Table 19 is her (current) way of expressing enthusiasm for the music and musicians. Previous attempts have included community radio shows at Eastside FM and Radio Mansfield, Board membership at Wangaratta Festival of Jazz & Blues, founding and editing the extempore journal, founding (and handing over to the inestimable Nikos Fotakis) – as well as various bits of writing and website work. She’s hoping Table 19 is the perfect combination of music and conversations – for her and for listeners!

Admin support | Jodie

Jodie is one of the millions of music lovers who likes jazz without realizing that she likes it. She has open ears and a tendency to get overexcited for all the right reasons. In fact when she know she was going to be involved in the podcast her emailed response to the news was ‘Woot, woot!’ (no joke). Sounds like Jodie is our ideal audience member! She’s also a whiz at updating web pages, transcribing audio, paying bills and meeting deadlines.

Research | Gerry

Gerry knows his jazz. He’s been broadcasting on community radio for decades and also enjoyed a successful but too-short stint at Aunty ABC. He has established and maintains a huge fan base of musicians and music lovers who enjoy being introduced to new sounds and reminded of old favourites. Gerry’s knowledge of the local jazz scene and beyond, along with his skills as a researcher and writer, contribute significantly to the quality of the podcast.