Table 19 is a weekly podcast that showcases Australian jazz and improvised music and the people who make it. Your host is Miriam Zolin.

andrea keller at piano

Andrea Keller’s Transients

The first in our gigs online series, which responds to Covid-19 self isolation by offering online curated concerts of Australian jazz and improvised music, with introductions by the composer or bandleader – just like a real gig! Support musicians with a purchase, and subscribe and share to help us get more great music into isolated ears.

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poster for Soundout 2020 showing image of drummer and dates - 1& 2 Feb 2020

SoundOut Festival, Canberra 1 & 2 February 2020

Interviews with Richard Johnson (Director, SoundOut Festival), Alister Spence (piano), Jess Green (guitar) The importance of free jazz and improvised music How musicians prepare for performance of free jazz Music by The catholics, Alister Spence, Evan Parker

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