How to be part of Table 19

We love presenting Australian jazz & improvised music. Get in touch with Miriam and let her know which of our two main styles of podcast you’d be interested in being part of. 

Option 1. Interview and track selection 

A lovely conversation by phone, skype or zoom that then gets turned into an episode. As part of this approach, you can

  • discuss and introduce pieces from one or more of your recordings
  • plus talk about what you’ve been listening to, and choosing a couple of pieces by other musicians. They don’t have to be Australian, or even jazz, although if they are it would be cool
  • I’ve had people nominate recent releases by other musicians and that can lead us onto the next podcast episode, it’s quite a fun way to proceed.

Pros and cons

Pros – I think a more interesting and textured end result and a lasting document of a moment in your artistic journey. Easy to meet the 80% max music requirement. An opportunity to share and generate interest in the  wider scene, as well as profiling your own work.

Cons – harder at my end, so sometimes takes a bit longer to put out, but I’m getting quicker.

Option 2. Online concert

For this one, you curate a selection of your own pieces (a set list if you will) – can be from one recording or a few

Think about how you would introduce them and the band/s at a concert and then do some scripting (rough is okay) then we arrange a call and I get you to run through the gig and record your intros and outros.

Pros and cons

Pros – Very simple, and a great way to introduce a new recording that might not have had any live launch opportunities due to the virus. Quick to put together and release.

Cons – My licence requires me to have no more than 80% music so we need solid intros and outros, e.g. an 8 minute track should be accompanied by 2 minutes of talk. I make up some of the talk quota with the episode’s intros and outros, but it still requires quite a bit of material. Sometimes it comes down to what your style is at a gig. If you tend to provide a bit of narrative at a concert, then maybe this will work well. If you’re the kind of musician who wants to let the music speak for itself then Option 1 is likely going to achieve a better result.

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